Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why not here?

Technology is a wonderful and amazing thing. Living just 30 miles from the top headquarters of so many tech companies you would think we could get the best of the best out here. Not so. It rather is quite ridiculous. We spent weeks and days waiting for some type of service for TV and internet. We finally figured it out by talking with neighbors with what they do and it is still really ridiculous, no unlimited data packages available, no Comcast and no Charter service just in this neighborhood where we live. It is available just a few neighborhoods across the road. Mr. Jewels has spent many minutes on the phone trying to get updates, but to no avail.

So in the mean time we have succumbed to checking our usage of data each day so we don't go over our plan, which also means no watching Netflix or our favorite PBS series of Sherlock or Downton Abby on the internet after the kids go to bed.
The other is no more listening to Pandora all day long and with no CD player or radio in the home it gets a little too quiet for me. I need my music.

So off to the store we went to purchase a cd player/radio that I could have in the kitchen, but instead we found this little thing. It works great. Once you get the hang of putting all of your favorite CD's on the computer and then onto to the phone, I can listen to what I want where I want. I couldn't leave the store without purchasing this great movie either. I read the book and loved it. We stayed up late to watch it and this time we let the kids stay up late too so they could watch it as well. There was no complaining about that.

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Penny said...

I had the very same issues in Alaska, but the library there had a whole ROOM full of DVDs to check out and watch. I got five at a time for a week and kept going back and never ran out of ideas for things to watch! (Haven't found that to be the case anywhere else, so far, though.) And NETFLIX can come in the mail, so there was that. I still don't miss television, but I need DVDs or internet streaming, so I'm feeling your pain.