Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Five Things to be Grateful For

1.  A cool home on a hot day.
2.  Priesthood blessings
3.  Date day with Mr. Jewels
4.  Jon, Eme and Sam who help me clean up the house
5.  Clean sheets

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to your new home

Confirmation that Mr. Jewels loves me when he wakes me up by saying "I found you some more doors".
He had found some old screen doors and windows laying on the curb, so he picked them up, put them in the truck and brought them to their new home.  I love them.  I used a window screen in the backyard (pictures to come later, as soon as I find the camera) another is on hold for a future project, a screen door I gave to my neighbor, they love old doors too, and the last one we installed on our backdoor.
We did have to do some adjusting, but it didn't take longer than a hour to complete and I absolutely love it.  I have done some sanding and painting to it since this picture was taken, and now it looks fabulous.  It fits right it to the age of our home and I love leaving the door open when the weather is nice and letting the fresh breeze come into the kitchen.  So to our new old screen door...Welcome to your new old home, we hope you like it here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Circle up the wagons

We are going on a Family Pioneer Trek.  Yeehaw!  We will be traveling to Martin's Cove in Wyoming very early Thursday morning in our Pioneer clothing.  We get to watch a baptism, play pioneer games, listen to pioneer stories and pull handcarts for about 5 miles.   In preparation for this trek, I had to learn to sew a pioneer bonnet, not just one, but two, find other pioneer style clothing, go on hikes, learn about the Martin and Willey Handcart companies, make a family flag and make sure we have all of the necessities to fight off mosquitos and ticks and heat and possible rain and we had to learn some square dances.  I am tired already.
Hard at work making the family flag

Making the family flag

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday breakfast for lunch

It has become a family tradition that after we arrive home from church services we make breakfast for lunch.  A simple elegance is what I like to think of it.  Simple plates, silverware, glasses and food at a simple kitchen table.  But it becomes a time of gathering the family, minus the father since he is still at church, listening to quiet hymns and getting to eat with the children and talk about what they learned in church that morning.  It is a beautiful time to be together.