Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Warm Vest Knit

This beautiful book with enough yarn to knit 3 of the patterns were a gift from Mr. Jewels at Christmas. There are so many wonderful and beautiful patterns in this book it was really hard to choose what to get started on first.

I picked the Warm Vest pattern and it did knit up really fast once I was able to figure out some of the stitches.  My brain struggled for awhile trying to get it. I thought for sure I was going to go ask for some help, but after fiddling around with it for awhile I finally got it.

It was knit in two pieces very similar to each other the only difference was the neck on the front.  After they were finished I learned how to do the mattress stitch to get it all put together, found the perfect little button and there you have it, warm vest in a beautiful yarn on a cute baby.

This pattern does call for sleeves for the girl version of the pattern, but since I was using a color changing yarn, I just felt it wasn't doable. I love how it turned out and my model is especially adorable.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Volunteering for Art Club

This school year with babe in tow I have been helping out with the various art clubs that are held after school. Do my older kids attend art club? No. So, why do you ask do I go and help out? I have no idea. I do find it fun and interesting to see all the little artists and how they each perceive and make art. Some are very free spirited and can just come up with a masterpiece at the drop of a hat, others have to constantly look at an example to get it right and others have to trace the original to get it just right and don't want to get messy at all. One afternoon the kids all brought cameras and we walked around outside in the schoolyard and took photos.  Here are mine taken with my camera on my phone.