Monday, September 9, 2013

I Smell Stinky

for the past three years I have smelled of cleaning supplies and sweat. sometime in the near future I will smell of fresh flowers and freshly baked bread, mixed with a light and airy perfumed lotion.  But for now it's sweaty cleaning supplies mixed with whatever smell the deodorant has.  Stability takes a lot of work and boy have we been working really hard to have a stable life.  The job search is coming to a close, we have one solid job offer and hope to have another one sometime this week.  In the meantime my days have been filled with packing, cleaning, rearranging, dusting, painting, yard work, rental searching, furniture moving, furniture storing, trips to goodwill (for dropping off and finding stuff) and many other various home improvement chores.  Long story short, when we thought we were moving the first time, a friend of ours gave us the idea to make our home into a vacation rental and the idea intrigued me.  When we found out we weren't moving quite yet, we still went with the whole 'turn our home into a vacation rental, move our family somewhere close by, but with cheaper living expenses and see what comes of it' idea.  I don't necessarily like all the packing and cleaning and storing of stuff, but I am happy with the results so far.  So, I don't know, maybe this whole weird trying to become stable thing by moving and doing something crazy thing just might work.
 Here are just a few of the changes we made to the home.  Took out a lot of our stuff and bought an old comfy chair in really good condition for the living room.
 Changed Emeline's room into a second master suite with a queen size bed. Painted two nightstands the same color to match the vanity and found two goodwill reading lamps.
 Changed Jonathan's room to have two twin size beds.

 The master bedroom upstairs.  Cleaned it all out except for some pieces of furniture and pictures.
Rearranged Sam's room and bought a trundle bed to slide underneath his twin bed so that this room can sleep two comfortably.  Since this picture was taken, we added some items to the shelf, put up a little chalkboard door on the opposite wall and installed a headboard and footboard.