Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is It Over?

I look forward to most weekends, especially if there is nothing but free time on my hands to do whatever I want to do for how ever long I want to spend doing it. This weekend wasn't one of those. I was wanting it to be over before it even started. I woke up Friday morning with a pain in my neck, must have slept wrong all night long. I hate when I can't turn my head from side to side. The pain is still there, how many pain pills will it take for it to go away already?! We had a wedding to go to Friday night for Mr. Jewels' Aunt, it was lovely. His family is very very talented and so S-M-A-R-T, so I kind of just watch and listen from the sidelines. It was good to see his sisters and that they are doing well. Even though it was weird to not see the youngest one there, I guess it would be a little extreme to fly halfway across America to be there for a 10 minute wedding ceremony. After the wedding we brought the mother-in-law up to our house to stay with us until Sunday. I wasn't much for sleep overs when I was little and I'm not much for sleep overs now, I don't know what it is, but I just feel nervous the whole time someone is staying over. Saturday, I went grocery shopping, took Eme to a birthday party, went to a baptism, gave Jon a crappy haircut, spilled hot wax in the toaster, on the counter and on the mixer, TWICE. Before going to bed Saturday night, we set out the church clothes, bathed and showered and ready for scriptures when I noticed two holes in Jon's ONLY church pants. So he had to wear other pants, that, should I say, are flood worthy, to church today. I was asked if I shouldn't just sew some ruffles on the bottom of the hems. I might just to that. So this week, we will be shopping for new church pants and a new toaster and remembering to put only one chunk of wax in the Scentsy plug in. I still haven't cleaned up the wax that was spilled on the dining room floor a couple weeks ago. I'm having a love-hate relationship with that thing. Is it over? Almost.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring

Some evidence of Spring.

Just waiting for the kids to come home from school.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Good Morning Cow

Just so you know...I made a whole gallon of the Morning Moo's NonFat Dry Milk, without mixing it in with our regular 2 percent, which is what I usually do with the Church's brand of nonfat dry milk. It was fantastic! Didn't mind drinking it one bit. Now we know that we can enjoy it if we ever have to have it.
Also here is my latest project. A set of shelves that were in Mr. Jewels' Aunt's Shed that she no longer wanted. I painted them green and am going to put my canning jars and other essential items on them. They make my bare basement actually look cute.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Giddy as a School Girl

I am so happy today. First of all I got my gift from Lydia and it was fantastic. I love it all. I can't wait to try out the recipes. So here is a picture of what I was given:

Some of the cookies were cooked at different times so that's why they all look so different. The really dark brown ones were cooked for who knows how long because forgetfullness runs thick in my blood when it comes to setting the timer for things, but I did remember to set the timer for the other batches and keep the oven turned on. Then I cleaned up the kitchen till it was sparkling and then went grocery shopping/food storage shopping. I went to Smith's for their sale on pasta. I bought 23 bags of pasta, 9 boxes of cereal, one box was a manager's special for only $0.79, 4 gallons of milk, a bag of chicken breasts and a box of Fruit Rollups. My before fresh values savings and coupons savings was $92.85, but I paid $44.98! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited that when I came home I put everything out on the table and took a picture.

What a Great Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love laughter that comes from the very center of little bodies. It's amazing what they find funny. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

For the Fun of Giving

(Took this from Lydia's blog)

Why not give it a try?

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

1 - I get to give you anything I want to give you.
2 - But it will be just for you.
3 - You'll receive it by the end of March
4 - You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same giveaway to 5 people.
5 - Don't forget to take a picture of what you get.

Happy Giving!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Want for A Time of Need

I have never been a huge food storage fanantic and I have always liked our little "food room" as Jon calls it, downstairs in the basement, it has been, should I say, sufficient for our needs, meaning it has never been well stocked. I now want to have it well stocked and I actually wouldn't mind seeing our entire basement looking like a case lot sale gone mad grocery store. I made my first case lot purchase of black beans the other day and it was thrilling. I want more. I even bought a #10 can of Morning Moo's Low Fat Dry Milk Alternative. I have heard it is better tasting than the "other" powdered low fat dry milk, or "warm milk" as it is known around here. We will try it and find out. Now, should I travel to Dick's Market place in Centerville for their case lot sale, they have slightly lower prices than the Macey's around here?