Sunday, February 19, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Pity Parties are held on a daily basis in my home, we invite no one and only those who live in this home can celebrate our pitiful lives in the right style. It's been a long year and we are still not out of the woods yet. Going back to school after a job loss was our only option unless we decided to move. Mr. Jewels has gone to school before, but going to school when one is newly married living in a basement apartment with only one small child and working part-time with their whole lives ahead of them is easy compared to 3 children, a house payment, serving in the Bishopric and life passing them by.
BUT, we have wonderful friends and family who give us wonderful words of encourage and small secret acts of kindness, letting us know that we can carry on. My favorites: There's always a rainbow after the rain, this too shall pass, keep calm and carry on, life is full of sheep so just knit with it. I am in love with all kinds of words of encouragement. Life isn't easy for any one all of the time and every one faces different and difficult challenges. I do know Heavenly Father loves me and knows that this is hard for me to bear. I have learned many things this past year but one lesson I will never forget is that I will never ignore the promptings to do something, for example, I had the desire to get a food storage going and to pay off car loans and save for a really rainy day, and as a family we did those things and I am so grateful we did. I know we would be in a terrible position financially now if I had not listened to the promptings. So if I can remind myself to listen and obey I know my family will be okay, I will be a good and supportive wife and good and patient mother. Just listen to the promptings. And when these dog days are over I am stocking up on some really really really good toilet paper!