Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Clean Up

When I was little my room must have been very messy, I don't remember it being messy, but my mother sure does. She sent me to live to downstairs in the basement because of it. She must have been really tired of seeing the mess everyday as she passed it to get to her room. I do remember my father helping me clean my room one time by putting everything that was on the floor into a big garbage sack and throwing it all away. That taught me something...I didn't keep a messy room after that. Now that I have my own daughter I see what sorts of messiness she can create. I walk past her room several times a day and in so doing have seen it progress from bad to worse, I should say regress. Yesterday, I was done looking at it, it was time to clean up and clean out. We went through every bag, backpack, purse, every drawer, every box and were able to fill two trash bags and two give away bags. We rearranged the room to give it a new look. She did most of the work herself and she did so without complaint. These are the before and after pictures of a job well done.