Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I Like Looking At

So I'm trying to be "blog trendy" by doing this today. I like what my friend Amy did on her blog about the things she is lovin right now and the ten things I'm lovin done on the SouleMama blog. I would like to do what I'm lovin to look at right now. These are my top favorite Holiday decorations this year. These are what get me in the mood for Christmas.

1.This is a little ornament that I like to hang on my window in the dining room.

2. These are some magnets that my sister-in-law made that I put on my stove. The middle one says Joy and the other two are of snowflakes. They are so cute.

3.This is the Department 56 Christmas Village that I got when I was working. They would give one every Christmas, I worked there long enough to receive 5. (Picture courtesy of Mr. Jewels.)

4. This is a new addition this year. It proudly adorns my frigde. Done by the artist known as Eme.

5. This is our backdoor decoration. I made this from the left over tree branches. So easy. This picture does not do it justice. I gotta learn to take better pictures.

6. Hallway Decorations. Got the idea from Martha Stewart.

7. Christmas photo 2008. Spearmint kids and Candy Cane Sam. And just as sweet.

8. My favorite Manger Scenes. The rock one was done by Jon in 2003. I just love it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is That?

Oh, great, a pimple right below my eyebrow which is making my eye swell. How do you cover that up? And what do I do about a section of fly away hairs that stick straight out above my ears, I have to keep pinning them down, are they ever going to grow long again? Oh my gosh, am I in Junior High again? Wait, no, I'm not. I don't have those older sisters of my friends telling me that I have a big nose or that the pimple on my nose is the biggest one they have seen or that my shoes are ugly, my hair is gross, my shoulder blades stick out too far (how am I supposed to fix that?) my earings that I just got are stupid and that I walk funny and my clothes don't fit right. Boy how I hated Junior High. Why do we have to go through such torture. I would spend hours in the mirror trying to make my hair look okay but to no avail, it was useless. I got through it though, went onto High School and enjoyed it. Now I am actually brave enough to try different things with my hair and it does look okay, not perfect, but okay enough to go out in public and not feel ridiculous. And I love the way my new 99 cent pants fit, I have worn them everyday this week. Yes, everyday. In Junior High I would have been shunned if I had worn the same pants twice in one week. Oh my gosh. Didn't she wear that yesterday?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Enjoyment, Pleasure, Delight

Enjoyment: 99 cent pants, fuzzy slippers, warm sweet potato pie.
Pleasure: Christmas lights, Christmas songs (I finally chose some for my playlist), Christmas Movies, Christmas Tree Smell.
Delight: Life, kids, husband, a good night's rest

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mostly For Relatives in Minnesota

Hi MiniSodas! I tried emailing these videos of Sam to you, but they are too big. So I am posting them on my blog for you to see. I am glad Sam hasn't started walking yet because his crawl is just delightful and I don't want it to go away. So there is a video of how he crawls. Another video is of him trying to say Snow. He loves the snow, we keep the curtains open during the day just so that he can see the snow and try to say it. The other video is of him and his favorite toy. I had been in the kitchen vacuuming the stairs and cleaning the floors and he was in that position the entire time. I thought he had fallen asleep, I was wrong. He was just enjoying his toy. Hope you are enjoying this Holiday Season in your new home. Love, Jewels

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Boys

A belated birthday card reminded me that I should have posted a Happy Birthday to my two boys on their birthdays, but of course, I forgot. So in an effort to make up for days of neglect and compensate for bad mothering, I am breaking the "no pictures of kids" rule and saying Happy Birthday to my two boys. Born 8 years and 1 day apart. How wonderful is that. Happy Birthdays!

Charlie Brown Christmas

I think we are getting a shorter Christmas Tree every year since we have lived in our home. The first year, the tree touched the ceiling. This year we can't fit all of our ornaments or Christmas lights on this tiny tree. It was a lot easier to decorate though, I put on the lights and the kids did the rest, they were even able to reach the top to put the tiny star on. It was great. It sure looks pretty with the lights on at night. Maybe next year we will get just a little bit bigger tree so we can put all of the ornaments on. Oh, and it feels so nice to have my Christmas Shopping done.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We took our new used Subaru Impreza out for her maiden voyage on Sunday afternoon. We decided to drive through the canyon up to a ski resort to see how she handled the steep roads. I remembered to take the camera this time, since it was such a beautiful day, I just had to document it with pictures. The sunset was amazing, especially on the mountains, but we should have paid more attention to that sign on the side of the road. We broke in the car quite nicely, new dents, new scratches, new deer hair stuck in the door frame and a broken side mirror. "Welcome to the family, Betsy." Yes, I know it's weird, but we name our cars anyway.