Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer of 2014

Summer break for the kids wasn't much of anything.  Having a new baby and still trying to get the house unpacked and organized left all of us just tired.  We watched a lot of Netflix and spent a lot of hours playing computer games.  We did go to the library a few times, the park a few times, swim lessons a few times, the ballpark a few times, and the reservoir a few times just to break up the monotony of this year's summer break.  Sam learned to ride a bike, Emeline learned how to play water polo, Jonathan learned that EFY is actually fun and mowing lawns is a profitable summer job, and Eliza learned that she is loved and adored by everyone.  We spent the last of summer break at Lagoon, which, when you haven't been there in quite a few years, is quite thrilling.  Sam our 6 year old thoroughly enjoyed all the rides we were able to go on and Jon our 14 year old we got to finally laugh uncontrollably as we span on the Twilt-A-Whirl (he's not one for thrill rides).  

Looking back, it wasn't much, but it was good.