Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's already Thursday and what have I done?

I haven't done much blogging this week that's for sure.

Monday was grocery shopping at two different stores and I still wasn't able to find everything needed for the week. Why is it that one store can carry a product, but then the exact same chain in another city doesn't have it? That is what I hate about shopping, the stores not having all that I like and never being able to know just exactly where everything is.  My ideal grocery shopping experience would take me to one store and I would be in and out of there in 15 minutes. That would just be lovely.
I also spent a good 30 minutes looking around the local Joann's with no luck at all.

Tuesday morning was spent driving to Santa Clara to the Bishop's Storehouse to help stock the shelves and bag produce. Didn't realize I would be there into the afternoon and in my condition it was exhausting. It was really quite a good experience for me though, I met some really unique people who are all striving to do their best with what Heavenly Father has blessed them with. And even another woman whose name is Julie, she was also wearing a green shirt and had freckles.

Wednesday was spent taking care of my oldest who has been sick one week, well the next, ever since we got here. The dishes and the bathrooms did get cleaned that day as well and dinner was made.

Thursday, today, was spent fasting for a test that needed to be done this week. The dreaded glucose test that takes two hours to complete at the clinic that won't let you leave until it is complete.  (You can't trust a pregnant woman, she may just go out and get something to eat and screw up the test.) Blood was drawn three times in three different places on my arm and I was starving.  I did bring a good book to read and got started on my next knitting project.When that was all done I came home ate a big beautiful bowl of cereal and went back to sleep until the kids needed to be picked up from school. I am still exhausted.

Friday I hope will be a glorious day. A day filled with knitting and a trip to the nursery to pick up some flowers, a shovel, gardening gloves, and potting soil.

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