Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Fight for Happiness

There are still those days of feeling sad and low. It may be homesickness, pregnancy blues, tiredness, self-pity, financial woes, unhappy kids, but no matter what I can blame it on, it doesn't make it go away. It's these times that I reflect upon the struggle and fight for happiness in a life that isn't perfect and complete, when I am brought back to the reality that this time is for learning and growing.  Learning to be happy and at peace with where my life is right now. I try to do things right and I have learned that even if I try to do things right and keep the commandments it doesn't mean I will always be free from conflict, but I can be given the happiness that the Lord gives during those times of conflict. 
One very important fight for happiness I have taken to heart is learning the power of compassion. I get it now.  I love this video presentation that demonstrates the difference between sympathy and empathy. I may not always be the most the compassionate person, but I am working on it. So when you are having one of those days, just know that it may help you have empathy for someone you know who may be having one of those days as well. What makes something better is connection.


Amy said...

I miss you! Why does it always have to be a struggle? I am struggling too-just trying to find that balance in life where I'm doing everything I need to do without going crazy. I keep thinking, it's not suppose to be this hard. Is it? IS IT!? :-) Katie and Isaac were very happy to find a little surprise the other day. Katie misses Sam and talks about him often. You are such a good example of hanging in there. I hope the pregnancy is going well. Take care friend!

Amy said...
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A Huntsville Gathering said...

So I don't know what to even say right now, I'm just glad you shared it with me (empathy, hang in there you're a great person so things have a way of working themselves out.