Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Step One-Make Bassinet Mattress

Bassinet all put together
This bassinet has been in the family for a number of years.  It was custom made for my older sister when she was a baby and that was the last time I believe it was used. I tried selling it at a yard sale before we moved (I thought we were done having babies), but it never sold. I think it may have been divine intervention.  Soon after the yard sale I found out we were expecting our fourth child.  I was excited to get to use it and keep in the family, only one slight problem, the mattress would need to be custom made.

I found some great tutorials on the web and for a lot cheaper than buying one. I set off to the fabric store with my coupons and purchased 2 inch thick foam, flannel-backed vinyl and heavy duty thread.

Measuring the foam with Emeline
I admit this wasn't the best sewing project I've done, but it works, who cares about looks, it's done and I have lots of extra foam to make something else.  The total amount I spent was around $34.00, actually a lot less than that if you take into account the amount of foam actually used for the project. Now I just have to find bumper for the bassinet, that will be step two in this process.  I am excited to use and see my sleeping baby in this beautiful bassinet. She better love it.
Vinyl Measured and Sewn

Emeline is super excited for a little sister

Finished mattress


We in Minnesota said...

Looks great!

A Huntsville Gathering said...

I love the bassinet, I never worry about the parts of sewing projects nobody but me is ever going to see. You know I made my crib bumper when I was pregnant with Jo, the only difficult part was getting it through the machine on those middle seams..... well and actually getting my baby to sleep in the crib it served. It's no secret the most use that bumper ever saw was the afternoon naps from Jordan the year or so when I was baby sitting him. All well, it sure looked great.