Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week One of Our Turkey Trip

Why would Mr. Jewels and I take a trip to Turkey and Greece in the middle of finishing a PhD and trying to find a job? Well, the reasons for going was two-fold, first - the Mass and Heat Transfer Conference was being held at the Pine Bay Resort in Turkey, so his whole trip was paid for including food, so I just needed to pay for my airplane ticket and a little extra for the food at the resort.  Second - to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.   Our tax refund made this all possible, thank you tax payers! The whole first week was spent at Pine Bay Resort in Turkey and while Mr. Jewels went to classes all day I was content to just go down to the beach after breakfast each morning and knit, read, eat, sleep and swim. It was so wonderful and beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect every single day.