Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The mighty tidy

Just a little over two years ago we decided that we couldn't afford to live in our home anymore, after a long unemployment and running out of student loan money, it just wasn't looking good. We wanted so dearly to keep our home, we love it so much.
We came up with two options, the first was that we would find another home to rent that was significantly cheaper than our mortgage payment and rent out our home at the price we needed in order to keep our home. The second option was an idea given to us by a friend and that was that we would also move out of our home into a place much cheaper and make our home a vacation rental.

We went with option two. It was actually really fun turning our home into a vacation rental and thinking what would make people want to come stay in our home while visiting our great little town. Only one problem came with this scenario, we looked everywhere we could to find a place for us to live and every single rental fell through, it was frustrating.  We decided we would still put our home up as a vacation rental, we packed up everything we didn't possibly need or want and stored it in the garage and what was left we would just pack up into the van when we had guests staying in our home. We were able to stay at a neighbors house while they were out of town, we stayed at my parents home for another weekend, we went up to Lava Hot springs and stayed in a very cheap motel room for another weekend and we squatted in an empty house for another weekend.  It worked out just fine for the most part. I was just extremely tired from all the packing and cleaning, I think being unknowingly pregnant had a little something to do with that too.

It was so exciting when we finally received a job where we could come back home, we took our home off the listing and moved our stuff back in. I was still a little mentally and physically exhausted and taking care of our little newborn and didn't feel like putting my house quite in the order I wanted it to be.

I read that popular book, the one about tidying, with others I have talked to it gave them a great rush and they got right to it, with me it just gave me anxiety and I didn't do anything but read it. It just made me feel like I needed to get the house ready to move again and I did not want to do that. Just recently have I felt some permanence with being here at home. I finally put what I read to use. I have done to my closet what works best for me and it will stay this way until I feel like I need it to change. I love opening the doors to see it all organized. I have kept it tidy for a whole two weeks now. So happy with myself.