Thursday, August 16, 2012

What choices did she make?

I took Sam to the bakery down the street from our home to buy a donut and some bread bags for my homemade bread.  The door to the bakery is very very heavy, noisy and hard to open so it surprised me when a voice from behind me said how hot it was outside.  I turned around to see a woman dressed all in black waiting in line right behind me.  I had not heard her enter the bakery.  I responded with a friendly yes, yes it is very hot outside, it is nice to come in from the heat.  She looked very tired and weathered with years of struggle.    When I had been helped the worker at the bakery told the woman in black that she was very busy and she would need to come back later.  I looked at this woman in black again and noticed she had some dirt on her face and cheek as if she had slept in the dirt, which my assumption was probably correct for as we were both leaving the bakery she asked me for some money, I gave her a dollar and she politely said thank you and walked over to the general store, hopefully  to buy a refreshing cold drink.  As I watched her walk away I wondered what choices she had made in life that got her to the position she was in now.  Was it bad friends, too much stress, an abusive husband, parents, boyfriends or just stupidity?  She is someone's daughter, sister, wife and probably mother.  Where is her family now?  What type of situation are they in?  Would she recognize them if she saw them again?  I don't know at what point in her life could have been changed with a prayer or a good friend or family member and maybe someday hopefully soon it can and will change.  I know my Savior loves her too.  I do know that there are many roads to follow and many choices we can make, but only one road is worthy to take us back and it isn't the easy road.

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Natalie said...

Julie, that lady comes into the bakery all the time asking for hugs. Her name is Joan. I don't know her whole story, but she always looks run down. I often wonder what path she has taken or if she knows about the gospel.