Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last day of Summer Vacation

It is the last day of summer vacation for the children.  They start school tomorrow, except for the youngest.  When school was ending last spring, I wanted to make it our family goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before school started again.  This meant reading morning and night about 4 to 6 pages per day in order to accomplish this goal.  Well by the end of summer we were reading 10 pages a day and today we read 30 pages.  But we did it and it was amazing.  I hope to make it our goal for next summer as well and make this a family tradition.  For the school year we will be picking some subjects each week and reading a few scriptures about that subject every night before bed.  We sent the kids off to bed early with a father's blessing and family prayer in preparation for another year of school.  Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Picture taken by Talia Jensen

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