Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet Refreshment Find

We haven't been camping since who knows when and mostly because, well first of all, no time and no resources, but the kids were also still little and sleeping a little bit during the night was a concern.  So when my dad said he wanted to take the grandkids down to Lower Calf Creek Falls for a camping trip and we could come if we wanted, we jumped at the chance to get away for a little while.
Calf Creek Falls

Handwritten directions to Escalante provided by Papa Schow

Hiking the Escalante River

Jon at one of the amazing cliffs

Little baby scorpion
We hiked a little of the Escalante River, played at Devil's Garden, played in the creek all afternoon and hiked to lower Calf Creek Falls.  Only one of our kids went with Mr. Jewels and me, which was our daughter, Eme, and I'm proud to say that she made it all the way to the falls in an hour and a half and all the way back to camp in an hour and a half. We saw plenty of lizards, birds, fish, bats, spiders, crickets, squirrels and Italians swimming in the Falls in their whitey tighteys.  Quite amusing.

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