Thursday, August 23, 2012

I can feel it in the air

Summer is coming to a close and school starts just around the corner.  I can feel it in the air.  I love it  when the kids go back to school.  Summer break is just long enough that by the last two weeks before school starts the kids are bothering each other a little more and mom needs a break from the Jon Stop Its and the SAMs, I don't really hear a lot of Eme's name being yelled during the break though.  She doesn't do a lot of the teasing and bothering. And for that I am ever so grateful.
These are just some of the amazing pictures from our once in a decade family photo shoot by Talia Jensen.  She is awesome and she does awesome work.  We love her.

Jon starts Junior High School this year, we will prepare ourselves for the emotional roller coaster.  Mr. Jewels is lots better at handling his emotions than I am.  I just wanna say "oh, just get over it".  I wouldn't be a very good therapist.  Emeline starts fourth grade and Sam will be at home with me and we will do a little preschooling here in our home.  I am nervous and excited for this school year and for the other changes that will take place in our lives.  Mr. Jewels is now applying for teaching positions around the world and also looking for Post Doc work as a backup plan if he doesn't get hired anywhere.  We might just have a job this time next year and for that I am grateful.   I just hope and pray we don't leave our beautiful area in which we live.

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the warrens said...

Roller coaster indeed. A certain someone is sitting in the kitchen this moment wearing only his undies. "I want nothing that you've ever done for me,"
My reply."we bought you the undies too."
So, there he sits. Grrrrr. What time is school on Monday?