Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I forget how tiring the first week of school is, not only for the children, but for the parents as well.  This morning was met with Jon sitting around 5 minutes before he needs to leave, no breakfast, no school clothes on, no teeth brushed.  When he does finally get dressed he is wearing his gym clothes to school.  I had to explain to him that you wear school clothes to school, bring your gym clothes to gym, change into the gym clothes for gym, change out of them after gym and put back on the school clothes.  I think he understood.  Now for Emeline,  she comes out of her room wearing long pants, she attends a school with no air conditioning and we have been having record heat for this time of year here where we live, so wearing pants is unreasonable.  So I tell her to go change into capris.  She goes downstairs and comes back up with a wet pair of capris and tells me they are a little dry.  I tell her she can't wear those and I go into her room to help her find a pair of shorts to wear.  When she comes out again, she is not wearing shorts, but a pair of capris that are WAY too small.  So, once again I make her go back into her room to change.  She comes out finally ready for school.  Their brains must be saying "huh?" a lot these days, because I know mine is.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Julie, that is so funny! I love it. Huh, indeed. :-)

Amy said...

I love it! And, kudos on reading the Book of Mormon this summer. What a huge accomplishment! You are an inspiration.