Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Five

1.  Home
2.  Family
3.  Air conditioning
4.  Laughing
5.  Completed projects

And here is a completed project;  I have been collecting doors from dumpsters, backyards, and neighbors dropping off their old doors when they get theirs replaced with a new one.  I WANTED to build a garden shed from all these old doors, but with Mr. Jewels constantly doing schoolwork or church duties, it was being put off for far too long and I couldn't stand seeing all these old doors just laying around.  So I went to work.  I hung each door along the side of our ugly garage and painted each one a different color.  It really gives the garden and the garage a much needed pop of color.  Even He Who Hates the Sun came out to admire the project.

Those are pumpkins growing on the ladder

Mr. Jewels enjoying the shade provided by the door

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Penny said...

This is all kinds of wonderful! I can't stop studying it! I love the juxtaposition of the bright "young" colors with more subdued and older colors, the bent-glossy-scraped-holey textures positioned rigidly flat against the wall, the lines and angles from the edges and shadows and siding on the house partially obscured by the round, rooted-but-free-flowing and fluffy bushes, closed doors that look open and inviting, the ladder and traditional trellises on the ends...and then, of coures ta-da! the pies de resistance...that crazy door standing by itself out in the yard! I could go on and on and I could also make this represent all kinds of life predicaments and stories in my head--like doors that are blocked by a big wall, the big bush still trying to get through some where- some how and another door wide open through and all around and on top with hinges that don't hinge but still a door full of promise and, well--too much talk about art sort of detracts from its purpose sometimes, which is just that it is wonderful to look at and feel from and makes you appreciate the artist's eye. I get a bit carried away. But I think you should send these pictures to a magazine or something.