Thursday, February 13, 2014

The socks and the baby bump

I love elastic waistbands, long stretchy shirts and skirts, cardigans, long belts and comfy sandals. Not only did I think this was a pretty good outfit, but it was super comfortable. I am 21 weeks along in the picture and feeling good and tired and awkward with this growing belly.
 Since we have been here, we haven't experienced much weather. It rained for a few days in a row, but was still warm. To my surprise we saw this fog walking out the door this morning. It was  beautiful. It reminded me so much of home, the only difference was that this air didn't smell bad and it wasn't freezing.
 I have made a pair of socks for each member of the family and of course two or more pairs for myself. I appreciate them more since I know how much effort I put in to making them, so I deserve more, right? I couldn't wait to start knitting something for the baby and when I came across the pattern for these and saw that I had, amazingly, the right size and type needles, I got started right away.  They work up very quick. I finished this pair before we found out we are having a girl.  I have already finished another sock that is a more appropriate girl color.  They are so cute. Can't wait to finish them.


A Huntsville Gathering said...

I love these pictures, I love reading your updates, so I hope to read lots more, especially with our long distance relationship. Take care and your so missed!

Brooke Marturello said...

Love the socks. I stumbled across the perfect sweater pattern for little ones with warmish winters. I'm hoping to have on e in the mail to you soon. Keep your posts coming!

mamabyrd said...

Such a sweet bump! I think the green will look just great on your baby girl and they look as if they might just stay on. Good pattern.