Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Red Barn

Don't know if it was happenstance or a little tender mercy.  I knew this place existed, but it was only open on Saturdays and Sundays during the winter, so when driving up to Uvas Reservoir last monday and I saw the "OPEN" sign I knew I had to stop there on our way home.  I had been craving to find a  place like this since we moved here. A place with old things at a great price.  It reminded me of the shed guy in Huntsville, going there each fall and searching for buried treasure.
The old ladders, some painted, some not, the old watering cans, the old windows and doors out front let me know this was going to be exactly the place I had been looking for.
It's called Hoey Ranch and the owner loves what I love, old things, flowers planted in strange containers, funky old kitchen gadgets, wooden crates, old bottles and beautiful old doors and windows. 

I found and purchased this great metal and canvas folding chair. it's really little, almost a kid sized chair, but I love it and it looks great in our little master bedroom.

 A sweet little spice rack already painted in one of my favorite colors.
And an advertisement announcing that I can find treasures like these and more in the coming future. I hope I can take my pregnant self over there and score some really great finds.
There is always a good and bad to all these things, and a tough line to cross when trying to accomplish two conflicting things at once. On the one side we have the goal of getting back on our feet financially after a long time of unemployment. On the other side is trying to make our new little house feel comfortable and make it a home for the time we spend here and that means spending money on those things that make a house a home.  So the good is that Hoey Ranch is just around the corner from our home and the bad is that Hoey Ranch is just around the corner from our home.

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