Monday, February 24, 2014

Some left over days

Better late than never post
I did get around to making valentine cookies and rolls. The cookies were troublesome without a hand mixer yet, but they of course tasted great.  The rolls were a few simple ingredients blended in the blendtec blender (maybe I should have tried using the blender for the cookies, duh), let rise and bake, they were delicious.  Emeline ate more than her fair share of the rolls, I ate more than my fair share of the cookies.
A beautiful Valentine that Emeline made me. This was the only one I received. It was the best and the only one I needed.

Since we live in the Garlic Capitol of the World, we had to try one of their most popular garlic blue cheese butter spread. Heat it up and it is fantastic on the rolls.

 Sorry, I am playing catch-up on all the things we have done so far. This happened a few weekends ago. We were invited by one of Mr. Jewels co-workers to come up to San Jose State University and watch their wheelchair basketball tournament.

 Now that I am somewhat caught up, it's time to grab a snack and get back to unpacking the last of our things.

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