Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weather the Storm, Whether the storm?

It is raining today and snowing, I went to vote this morning thinking there was going to be a long line, but there wasn't. I guess I went at the right time. It makes me feel grateful to live in America when I see all of our neighbors coming to the school to cast their vote. It is the one time that this country is unified in doing one thing for the common good.
This month I am in charge of doing Sharing Time in Primary. I am trying to make a good effort at working on it all week instead of right before I go to bed on Saturday night. This week's theme is "I am thankful for my body. I know my body is a temple." Having been in Primary for so long I forget that there is other curriculum besides the Friend and the Primary Manuals. I found a lot of articles about the word of wisdom and being worthy to enter the temple, but the one article that I devoured was one by Harold B. Lee titled "Take Time to be Holy". It brings to mind that along with keeping my physical body healthy and happy that I also need to take the time to keep my spiritual body healthy and happy also. I will try to be better at taking time to be holy so when need be I can weather the storm. I hope it will be a good sharing time, I already have some pretty good ideas. Sam is making this very difficult to type, why does he want everything I have!

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Lisa, said...

You are so smart. Love the idea.