Friday, November 7, 2008

Is There an Editor in the House?

Blog Safety: To do or not to do? Everyone is talking about blog safety and I keep going back and forth in my mind "should I edit my pictures of my kids and house or should I just forget it and hope nothing bad happens?" At Book Club last night I received my answer, I will edit. Like Nancy said, some guy is probably sitting on his couch in his underwear looking at all of these cute blogs with their cute kids and plotting (not an exact quote, because I was laughing when she was saying it) I don't want to meet that guy. So let the editing begin.


We in Minnesota said...

But your kids are not naked. I understand. You never know who is looking at your blog.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Who knows, Jewels. Mark is rabid about it, though. He's "in the know," you know. He thinks it's better to be careful, but it makes me mad that the rest of us have to miss out on your cute pix.

You have to still tell us stories, though! :-)