Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Staring at Me

The maker of this caramel apple has yet to eat it. It keeps staring at me to eat it so I have obliged, but only the extra caramel and chocolate chips that flowed onto the plate. Do I dare eat it without permission? I do deserve it, my body aches from the workout on Monday night and maybe I should put it at ease by giving it something good to eat. This caramel apple will be gone by nightfall. Candy goodness on the outside, nutritious sweetness on the inside. What more can we ask for.


We in Minnesota said...

Eat the bottom, then no one will know except it will just look a little short.

TRIBE'S said...

Just eat it, you know you will love it and you can work out harder tomorrow. Whomever it belongs to must not have wanted it, or they wouldn't have left it there to tempt you.