Sunday, November 9, 2008

5 Hours

We watched 5 hours of chess on Saturday morning. I know, I know what you're thinking, "AWESOME". Jon enjoys this game, he does chess club at school and this is just one tournament of a hopeful few that he will do. There were different age groups which helps. K-3, 4-6, Jr. High and High School. When we went to find the table for Jon's first round, his opponent was already sitting there. He said to Jon, "I don't play very well". I walked away shaking my head and chuckling. This kid really did NOT play very well. It was a sight to see. At one point in the game he was actually standing next to Jon and then he was leaning over the chess board, Jon had to hold his chess pieces down so the little boy wouldn't move them, chess pieces were sucked on and knocked to the ground, one got lost in the bleachers, this kid was obviously in Kindergarten. The game finally ended in stale mate. The next 4 rounds this little boy was usually close by where Jon played so we would watch and laugh. It turned out to be a great experience for Jon and us. 3 stale mates, 1 loss, 1 win, a walk up to the podium for a participation medal so Jon can prove he's been there, done that.


Miss JC said...

I just came across your blog while browsing..your house is amazing! It is so so beautiful and such a fairytale home! I loooove it..
PS: I'm Johnna...nice to meet you!

We in Minnesota said...

Chess!!??? Well, I am guessing he can beat Grandma Susan now. I wish you had video of the event, especially, the other kid bothering Jon.

Miss you.