Thursday, January 15, 2015

o what a year, part 3 (almost done)

o what a year part the end of March 2014 Mr. Jewels, after he came home from work, took me aside out of the hearing distance from the kids and told me he got a job. I of course was like, what? I know you have a job, what are you talking about? The company he had worked for before, the same one that he was laid off from offered him a job.  We were moving, again, back home. I was pretty excited. It was fun telling the kids as we scrunched ourselves around our tiny dinner table.  They couldn't believe it either.  We would be moving in the next couple of weeks. It really is an amazing story which will be written in it's entirety in a journal someday.

Twice weekly, sometimes three times walks around the neighborhood with church ladies was something I began to enjoy.  We would see these little bunnies a lot in the hills.  I would definitely miss our conversations and the beautiful scenery. I would not miss the steep hills that we climbed.

 I bought this desk at a thrift store in Santa Cruz before Mr. Jewels spilled the beans about his new job.  He didn't tell me anything about anything until everything was final and in writing. He even let me buy this thing knowing full well we didn't need it.  I spent the next Monday cleaning it and painting it with leftover paint that I found in the garage.  That night he told me that he got a job back home. Well that was a day that was completed wasted on a project. But we are using that desk now, so I'm glad I spent that day painting it.

 The ducks enjoyed the pool more often than we did. We did get in the pool on the last day we were there. The last of our things were packed away in the truck, our car had been put on another moving truck, the house was cleaned and we had some time to spare before we had to be to the hotel and wait for our flight the next day.

This was written into the concrete next to the pool. We looked him up and sure enough he is a real person.  He is a boxer living in Gilroy. Still not sure what 8603 means.

I had even planted some spinach and lettuce that had not fully matured before we got to enjoy it.

We said our goodbyes to our new friends and neighbors and set off on a plane back home to Ogden.  We surprised everyone at church when we showed up and told them we had moved back, it was a great day.

We received some unexpected snow in April. We thought we had skipped all of winter, think again.

Another pregnancy picture, I believe this is 38 weeks.


Danielle Smith said...

I am loving all these posts lately! And I am super happy you guys got to move back. Things were pretty lame without you.

A Huntsville Gathering said...

I'm anxiously awaiting installment #4.

Amy said...

I am loving this story! I love the heart you found in San Fran. I love reading this adventure and knowing it has a happy ending where all of your dreams come true. I will never forget coming to Jaycee park and saying to myself, "Who is that pregnant girl? She looks just like Julie." Then, I got closer and it was you! I was so shocked and so happy! I love having you in Ogden. I wish I saw you more. But, either way, I'm so happy you are back.

mamabyrd said...

I love that desk! I want to see what it looks like since you finished it. And luckily I can since you just live down the street again! We're so happy to have your great family back! And it looks like it was a fun(ish) adventure for you guys for a little bit there.

Brooke Marturello said...

I am amazed at how put together your rental looks in these photos. I'm ashamed to say I still have a closet full of yard items that have yet to be put out, and some boxes in an upstairs closet. Maybe it's my subconscious letting me know I'm still not "settled" here. Anyway, like everyone else, I am loving this story. Can't wait for #4.