Saturday, January 10, 2015

o what a year, part 2

As we were exploring our new area in which we were living we came across Emeline Ave in Santa Cruz, we just had to stop and take a picture.
 This is the home we rented on a month to month lease at $2400.00 per month! 3 Bed 2 Bath, it did have a swimming pool in the backyard, a nice one too and a bonus room off the kitchen. The yard work was very minimal, Jonathan didn't mind at all when we asked him to mow the lawn. The cost of living really is ridiculous I even found the thrift stores overpriced.  The locals would always say "you pay for the great weather".
 Limited space in the bedrooms meant we had to take full advantage of any wall space there was so we made this little hanging hamper for Emeline to use.
 The windiest road I have ever been on, Hecker Pass. We take this road to get over to the ocean. Lots and lots of trees and vineyards along the route. It was all very pretty and frightening at the same time.
 I finally came to terms with our surprise baby on the way so I started to do some knitting for the wee little one.
 This is the elementary school that Emeline and Sam attended. We showed up on this day wondering if we were late since we didn't see any of the kids lining up outside.  We realized later that the rain prevents them from being outside.  They all have to go to the cafeteria when the weather is bad outside. It had been raining earlier that morning but by the time we left for school it had long since stopped. We found this to be so funny, scared of a little rain.
 This is what it normally looks like before school. Not a drop in the sky today.  This is the area for just the fifth graders. This school was very much packed to the brim and then some.
 Another pregnancy picture. I found a really great doctor and nurse. There really aren't a whole lot of women having babies in California and if they do they usually stop after having one or two. I really received a lot of surprised looks when I would mention that this is number 4.

The kids had a whole week off for spring break so I drove us all to Utah and back so we could visit family and friends. My feet were so swollen when we got back home I didn't do anything but put them up, well I knit too. This is our pit stop at the Salt Flats. Way too bright.
 Sam discovered the joy of playing minecraft. I don't know if the blanket helped him play better or what.
 San Jose State University is a really pretty campus. We came here one Saturday to watch one of Mr. Jewels' coworkers play wheelchair basketball.
 Mister Incognito. It's amazing how he got his hair to do that style.
still to be continued

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