Thursday, January 8, 2015

o what a year; part 1

It all starts with Christmastime 2013, our family Christmas pictures were taken in the snow and in our home, I wanted to have some daily reminders to keep with me of our time here. Christmas decorations were put up quickly and taken down quickly after Christmas day because we had to prepare the house and ourselves for our move to a place that probably never received snow; Gilroy, CA

January 1st:  With lots of tears and goodbye hugs given to friends and neighbors, we packed our remaining things into our two cars and left our beloved home, neighborhood, friends and family and set out on a two-day journey to Gilroy. The kids said goodbye to their teachers and schools.

It was lots of driving and stopping and driving and stopping, but we finally arrived the evening of January 2nd and hoped the moving truck would arrive the following morning, when it didn't, we thought maybe the next morning, that came and went, and then the following morning came and went with no moving truck.  Starting to get a little worried and annoyed. 

We slept in sleeping bags and kept ourselves somewhat entertained by playing games and going to the library to check out books and movies that we could watch on our little portable dvd player. It really was a miserable week, everyone was at each other's throats, all three kids got sick, we couldn't start the kids in school because we hadn't received their paperwork, Mr. Jewels hadn't started his job yet, we were completely broke and buying what food we needed using a credit card that we luckily found before we moved. To this day, I feel anxiety coming on when I think about this week. The birds were really the only ones who didn't seem to mind. Finally after a whole week of waiting the moving truck arrived. It took all my self-control to put on a happy face and not strangle the guy when he said he had no idea he had a delivery to make.

One day we took a trip to the beach to pass the time.  Sam hated all the sand. 

It didn't take long to unpack and it was so nice to sleep in our beds again, the kids started to feel better and they were able to start school. Our ward was really small, but very friendly. I received a call to teach in Relief Society and Mr. Jewels was called into the Young Men's program. Jonathan wore bow ties to church every Sunday and soon after some of the other young men were doing the same and he was able to play the music for Priesthood meetings. Eme made friends quickly and the same with Sam.

February; Jonathan reached my height and it was all over from there, it's hard disciplining a child who is taller than you.

We took a day trip up to San Francisco and what do we happen to come across while walking the streets. True Love (and litter). 

this car really is better looking in person. I hadn't gotten used to the constant sunshine yet.  I would soon be wearing sunglasses on a regular basis, it wouldn't be just a fashion tend, it was a necessity.

Expecting our baby #4, this was at about 21 weeks

  Our glorious neighborhood, they had a table saw in the front, cars and broken cars parked everywhere and they hung out in the garage drinking on the weekends, but the rainbow is nice.

We visited this beautiful temple often, it would take most of our day to get there and back, but it was worth it.  My grandfather on my mother's side helped build this temple.

to be continued

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Brooke Marturello said...

What an amazing journey. I'm glad you were able to document it. I'm grateful for rainbows too, real and metaphorical.
p.s. how can you not like sand? Silly Sam.