Monday, January 27, 2014

The first week

The first week we were here I thought we just might strangle each other. The moving company had still not arrived with our beds and furniture so it was sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags and whatever pillows and blankets we brought with us.  It was not good. Bad sleep makes for very grumpy family members.  Thank goodness for the local library where we were able to check out movies and books and DS games and the free beach just over the hill. We were so thrilled when our stuff finally did arrive and we could get a really good night's rest, it was heavenly.

Unpacking is tiresome, but it is nice to have our things back, most of our stuff has been in storage for a few months now.  I found my knitting supplies and the socks I almost finished for Emeline which I had started back in June.  All done now.  I'm on to the next project, which of course are a pair of socks for this little coming in June.

The yoga mat is out and ready to be used again, I think I just may put in that video and finally do a little exercise today, then do so more unpacking and take a trip to the other town's local Goodwill.


mamabyrd said...

Oh the beach looks so beautiful! That's got to make the move a little bit worth it. I'm glad you're settling in a little bit and that you now have a pillow to rest your head on. Can't wait to see the treasures you discovered in the CA thrift stores.

Brooke Marturello said...

How beautiful...I love the beach and I know it will make homesick days better. Hugs!