Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Socks, colds and thrift store finds

I have a cold and I'm running low on my favorite cold relieving oils, just put in another order today and hope they come soon. It's been lots of warm lemon and honey and lots of water for me.  This cold started with Jon, then went to Eme and now I get to have it.  Thank goodness for the humidifier which has passed from room to room in this house. But having a cold, as miserable as it may be is one good excuse to just plop myself down on the couch and do some knitting.  This sock is the tiniest sock I have ever made, I love it. It is helping me get my brain wrapped around the fact that there will be a new member of our family coming in June.

I found a new baby doctor and had my first appointment with him yesterday.  I feel very comfortable with him, he talks super fast, but is very nice. His office has a hometown feel, no computers in the examination room, just a basic ultrasound machine and the examination tables are low to the ground. He was able to see what we are having, but to be double sure I will have to drive up to San Jose for the specialized ultrasound.

I am not very impressed at all with the local Goodwill stores or the Salvation Army around here.  I haven't checked the prices on clothing, but with all their furniture and other items, the prices are crazy and not a very big selection of items.  $500.00 for a cupboard, $250.00 for a desk and $23.00 for a broken piece of furniture?! No way, I might as well start buying new cause that is just ridiculous.  So the hunt is on for a really good thrift store.  But I did find these which were $2.50 a piece.  They will be put to good use once I get some shelving put up in the kitchen.


Brooke Marturello said...

I love the wire trays. I've been looking for some of my own. I know I told you I feel your pain, but it really bugs me that I used to think the DI was pricey. Keep looking, though. That's what's worked for me. The little finds, like your trays, are going to be worth it. I know it's discouraging, but I keep finding more and more thrift stores, the harder I look. You'll find one, or two, that work for you! I can't wait to see what you're having!!

We in Minnesota said...

Beautiful pictures and great posts.
Miss you even though I moved away first.