Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Cloudy Day

We did it, we made it, we survived it. Moving. It is the worst thing you could ever make a person of habit and order and consistency do.  I hate not knowing where things are, I hate unfamiliar areas, and I have hard time meeting new people.

The road trip out here to California was great. No problems whatsoever, it was just a lot of driving and driving in the dark on the first day.  We stayed the night in Nevada in a resort with comfy beds and even a king size bed for me and the Mr. Then we drove the rest of the way to our new place the next day.  The roads were very clear, even over the pass.

We now live in the Ousley Houseley, in the land of garlic. The kids are adjusting well and they seem to like the house, I'm sure we will enjoy it more once we find a place for everything.
We brought a lot of our stuff, but not enough furniture to put it in. (excuse to do some antique/thrift store shopping.)

The weather here has been very consistent. There's really no reason to watch the weather report. The temperature only changes a few degrees throughout the week.   There has only been one cloudy day and I thought, sweet, now I can wear some of the cool weather sweaters I brought, but no, the temperature was still warm. Oh well. I guess it will help my need for consistency in a strange new place.

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Lydia Tribe said...

I'm so excited you started blogging! I can't wait to hear all of your adventures.