Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When golden leaves fall

The fall season is not complete until a trip out to the farm has been taken.  Every year we have gone out with moms and kids, but this year we went out as a family.  The kids love the slides, mini donuts, bottled water that costs a fortune, the pig races, the tractor ride and picking a perfect pumpkin.  It ended with mom and dad getting headaches and wanting to go home and take a nap, but overall it was a delightful day.

Jon feels a little too old to be posing for this picture.

the only slide Sam felt comfortable going down

I really liked the colors of this lady's outfit so I took a picture,
 it lasts longer

Waiting for the pig races

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We in Minnesota said...

My caption would be "All these people and the cows still escaped? Crazy city folk!"