Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding around the block

Riding around the block were words that came out of my mouth pretty much on a daily basis growing up when the weather was good and I wanted to ride my bike.  I find that I am saying it again, but not as often as I wish and should for my kids who don't get kicked out of house to play outside often enough. That is something I will be working on.  Yesterday we did get out and were riding around the block.
I love that trees that live around our block

Picture of the kids elementary school.  I love that it is tucked away into some beautiful old trees.

The giant silver maple across the street from our home.

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Amy said...

What pretty pictures! At this time each year, I feel like we live in some enchanted land with all of these beautiful trees lining our streets. You did an amazing job of capturing this moment.