Monday, October 8, 2012

a little harvest

I remember my sister saying that once you start gardening you can't stop.  It is true that once you start gardening you're addicted and becoming a homeowner you want to take pride in the purchase you have made and keep up with the curb appeal, but I have also found gardening as a sense of relaxation for me, not necessarily for my body, but for my mind.  I love having planted something and checking on it everyday to see it's progress.

Last year I didn't clean out the old dead annuals and instead left them there to help replenish the soil.  This spring I had flowers growing like crazy from the seeds dropped over the winter.  It was kind of fun to see which flowers came back and where.  Every year is a different experience with the garden and learning from the previous season in order to make the next season even better.  Well for how much I actually do spend time working in the garden, it never fails to produce a harvest, and no matter how little that harvest is I am ever grateful for the days spent in the garden.

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