Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Weekend Fun

This weekend was full of relaxing fun. We had no time limits on anything we did, which I love, I hate being rushed. The kids were out of school on Thursday and Friday so we took Jon's friend Nathan to Gardner Village to visit the witches and all the great pumpkins. It took us a good 30 minutes just to make it out of the parking lot when we were done because of all the people that were there. Crazy. Friday, we, along with all the other "park moms" took the kids to a corn maze which also had a hay ride, hay slides, animals, pig races and lots of other great stuff. Then Saturday was work in the yard day and go to Carlos produce to pick some more pumpkins, of course. And I did find another crow. Then Sunday, go to church day. I love going to Primary. The kids are so funny and great. I love weekends like this, now if only every weekend can be this wonderful. Wishful thinking.


We in Minnesota said...

What a cute bunch of kids.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Wow, Jewels, how fun. Those pictures are so cute. Wish we could have 4-day weekends every week! :-)