Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bizarre Breakfast

I asked Eme what she wanted for breakfast this morning because she either wants bread with syrup on it or cereal, "frosted snowflakes". She was looking in the fridge to decide and told me she would like bread, mustard and ham, "we don't have any more ham, Eme" I said, "okay, I'll just have bread with mustard" came the reply. She ate the whole thing without a complaint.


Amy said...

thats disgusting!!!

We in Minnesota said...

Brannon used to eat ketchup sandwiches and Dara loved "salad samiches". If they eat, great. I knew you would love blogging.
Who is this cute Amy that also looks at your blog?

Love Lisa

Jewels said...

Amy is a friend and neighbor who lives just down the street from us. Her husband is the chef at Taggarts who you've met when we went there for Thanksgiving.