Monday, May 5, 2014

Ready to Bloom

I planted a lilac bush a few years past, a transplant from a neighbor's garden. Year after year waited for it to bloom and nothing. Was this a complete waste? No, cause it finally BLOOMED this spring! The purple color of the flower is quite regal and royal to look at, the smell, delicious. Now I could just go ahead and show this picture and you would think "how pretty and look at that display, it's perfect".
Or I could show you this picture with some little messiness in the surroundings, still not so bad.
 Or I could span back even more and show the entire surroundings.
This is the mess we are living with at the moment, or weeks or years. But it is a good reminder for me to remain focused on what the beautiful moments are. The mess may still be there for now, but cleaning it all up can be put on hold.  There is beauty everywhere and no matter what it is surrounded by, or however long we have to wait for it, it will come and it will be there, waiting to be noticed and admired. I think the same can be said of life, marriage, motherhood, friendships, and family.


A Huntsville Gathering said...

Things look great!

mamabyrd said...

So funny. I've totally mastered the art of strategically getting only the pretty things in the frame and leaving out the mess. But it's a good reminder that there is always both mess and beauty and the key is to focus on the beauty.