Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Totally Nailed It.

I believed I could take down a few notes about sewing some crib sheets,  (in my case right now, bassinet sheets) take some sheets I bought at a thrift store, cut and sew them just like the tutorial said, easy peasy even for a beginner sewer.  I totally nailed it on this one.
 Good thing I had plenty of inexpensive fabric to work with.  I laughed at my results, showed it to the world of Facebook and set off to make another one with a few major adjustments. This time it worked. I do love the results and in the end it was really easy peasy lemon squeezey, so I made two of them. And when the crib mattress comes I will try my hand at making sheets for that too.


A Huntsville Gathering said...

I love it when this happens, they're beautiful!

mamabyrd said...

I love your fabric! It looks great Julie. This little one will be all set--vintage hand made sheets and all.

Brooke Marturello said...

So adorable! Second time's the charm, right?