Monday, August 26, 2013

The August Garden

The August Garden is a late growing garden.  This is what happens when your mind has other plans at the beginning of summer, i.e., moving.  So why plant a garden so that others can reap the rewards of what I sowed? Who knew that "others" would still be me and my family.  I am grateful I reluctantly planted what I did.

 The short little holly hocks are vibrant with color
 My latest door find at a yard sale.  I love the number still on it.
 The sunflowers are just barely blooming.
 The pumpkins growing slowly on the ladder.
And I finally cleaned up the used-to-be-patio-now-turned-sand box for the kids. Who knows what next year's garden will look like.  This is what I love about gardening, it's a time for thinking and learning, pondering on life's lessons while I dig my hands in the dirt or pick the first ripe tomato. It's working with what God gave me and hoping for a tomorrow. I breathe, therefore I garden.

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TRIBE'S said...

I love everything about this! I pray for your family every day but selfishly I'm glad you're still here.