Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Caught Up

It's been awhile and yes there have been pictures taken and memories made, but have failed in writing them down and posting pictures.  April brought us still more snow and wind storms and a trip to Salt Lake City for April General Conference with the two older kids.  Sunday afternoon session was wonderful and the weather perfect for having to park quite a few blocks away and take a refreshing walk to the Conference center.  It's hard to believe that our children are growing up and it's time once again for us as their parents to step up our game plan in raising them in this ever changing world.  I am so thankful for modern-day prophets and apostles to help us in our endeavors and ever more so for a wonderful Bishop and Young Men leaders and teachers that help to shape the minds and testimonies of our children.  My favorite talk from afternoon session is here: The Home: The School of Life
our walk to the center

Emeline and Jonathan

waiting in line to get to our seats

view from the balcony

the walk down the stairwell.  I love this skirt.

Trees growing on the conference center.

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