Monday, February 25, 2013

Only a "Very Good" award

I finished this scarf awhile ago, the same one I have on my project success.  That was before I felted it.  After I felted it, it was so unmanageable and thick it was difficult to wear.  So I took a thick needle and thread and folded it in a half longwise and stitched it together.  This made it a little bit more wearable.  But then again, it is wool, felted wool, itchy and thick and not at all fun to wear.  I wore it with my winter coat one night and couldn't even turn my head.  I gave it another shot and wore it to church another time and my neck was yelling at me the whole time.  Don't think this scarf is going to make it out of the closet very often, if at all. So this project goes down in the record book as receiving a "very good" award, not excellent or superior (these were the awards given out at Jon's science fair, what ever happened to first second and third place?).  This because it does look cute.   Had to take some classic bathroom and dressing room pictures to document this finished project.  Not such a success.


Amy said...

Too bad :-( It is so cute!

mamabyrd said...

It is so cute. I love the color block look. Hmm, what else could you use it for? A yoga mat bag?