Friday, January 18, 2013

Like ice that melts away

It's January and quite cold and quite long, it seems as if January will never be over.  In the next couple of months we should be hearing back from some of the universities that Mr. Jewels has applied to.  I am anxious, curious, and nervous.  The one good thing about January and having to wait for this month to be over is that the sun is shining and the snow is fluffy.  Like the ice that will eventually melt away, I want January to melt away, and soon.
The icicles are really amazing on our home this year, I have never seen them so long and thick. We can barely see out of our kitchen window, it's a wall of ice.  The lower right hand picture is the view from our kitchen window.  Amazing.


We in Minnesota said...

Beautiful. We hardly have any snow in MN. Weird.

Jewels said...

Sadly each of those icicles represents about $20 in heating lost through the roof. :/