Monday, January 7, 2013

Less is Best

I've been thinking about my resolutions for this year for a few weeks now and I've decided that my "theme" for 2013 is going to be "Less is Best".  So in my resolve for less, I only have a few resolutions and here they are:

1.  Do the opposite of "less" and get more sleep
2. Finish my online class from BYU
3. conquer a pull-up
4. schedule time to study the gospel.

Now to go right along with my less is best year I have taken a few first steps by getting rid of some Christmas decorations, I now can fit my stuff in the 5 boxes I have labeled for Christmas. Yay.  I took a next step by going through my closet and getting rid of clothes I don't love and have taken the hanger challenge which is to turn all the hangers the opposite way on the rod and whatever hasn't been turned the right way after the season is over gets donated.
I'm actually kind of excited to see the results on this one.  I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, in fact I think my entire closet is full of thrift store finds, hand-me-downs or Old Navy clearance rack items.  So, I don't imagine that having to donate what I don't wear within a few months is going to be that hard and I will enjoy a little extra closet space.
I'm dragging my feet a little on the next step and that is cleaning out the basement. yikes. I might just wait till it gets a little warmer down there.  I can only stand it now just long enough to change a load of laundry.
So here's to a new year, may it be awesome, and filled with the best of less.

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Penny said...

I love the paradoxical phrase and the accompanying idea "filled with the best of less." Nice.