Thursday, September 20, 2012

what was lost shall now be found

I found my cute little green camera!  It was hiding in a box with the blank disks.  Now, who would have put it there? Me? no, Mr. Jewels? doubt it? One of the kids? highly unlikely.  Still an unsolved mystery.  But I did see something truly amazing yesterday, it blew my mind.  Jon closed up the bag of white powdered donuts that was sitting on the kitchen counter and put them away up in the cupboard.  He didn't even eat one and I know he didn't get them out of the cupboard.  I did check his vital signs to see if he was okay and looked deeply into his eyes to see if it was really him.  It was and what I witnessed was truly amazing.  I hope to see it happen again someday soon.

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We in Minnesota said...

Did you check to see if he had a fever?