Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There's a little thing known in the world of cross fit known as the "prescribed" workout.  It means that you did the right weight, the correct movements and the correct amount of reps for that particular workout.  I have so far have done none of the workouts as prescribed, they have been as we say "modified", until tonight. And I am paying for it dearly, if it were for my mad typing skills that I gained as a receptionist and secretary for a lawyer I wouldn't be able to type any of this out, because my hands don't quite work right yet.  the workout tonight was 100 65 lb. thrusters.  There was a lot of yelling, but it felt awesome when I was all done.  Don't know if I ever want to do a "prescribed" workout again.  I may just stick to my "modified" versions.  They aren't as difficult.

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We in Minnesota said...

I would do the modified modified version.