Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Circle up the wagons

We are going on a Family Pioneer Trek.  Yeehaw!  We will be traveling to Martin's Cove in Wyoming very early Thursday morning in our Pioneer clothing.  We get to watch a baptism, play pioneer games, listen to pioneer stories and pull handcarts for about 5 miles.   In preparation for this trek, I had to learn to sew a pioneer bonnet, not just one, but two, find other pioneer style clothing, go on hikes, learn about the Martin and Willey Handcart companies, make a family flag and make sure we have all of the necessities to fight off mosquitos and ticks and heat and possible rain and we had to learn some square dances.  I am tired already.
Hard at work making the family flag

Making the family flag


We in Minnesota said...

Our stake young men/women's trek consisted of bus ride to Nauvoo, stopping at different church sites along the way, temple in Nauvoo to do baptisms for the dead, and on the last day (day 3) they pulled a handcart for a couple of miles. It was not a tough trek. I think the girls have it the worst with having to find a pioneer dress and making a bonnet. But you made cute bonnets.

Talia Jensen said...

love emmaline (i'm sure i spelled that awfully wrong)in that little bonnet!