Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had the best dream last night

I was at an old house where people were dropping off their old items that they didn't want anymore and I could just look through all of the stuff and pick out whatever I wanted for free.  It was fantastic.  I found a cute little round metal table that was painted blue and had a scalloped edge and it folded up for easy storage.  A set of red metal salt and pepper shakers that had little white flowers painted on them.  A wooden box with letters printed on the side and a beautiful but very large white rocking chair that had a blue cushion on it, it would go perfectly on our new large porch, because for some reason in my dream we were moving to a new place that had a wonderful front porch perfect for sitting on.  The rocking chair was big enough for me and the kids to sit on. I woke up happy.  I like old things and I like free things.  I even slept past my wake up time just so that I find more beautiful things.

This is Grandma Ruth's garden glider that I inherited.  (Perfect...Old and Free) The original color I believe was yellow, then my sister painted it a garden green and then when it came to live at my house, I painted it this color green.  I love when the orange day lilies start to bloom and they give this little corner of the garden a nice pop of color.

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Talia Jensen said...

i love/want that glider!