Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grocery shopping dates

Self-Portrait of Sam
Summer is here and that means taking all the kids grocery shopping.  Jon is now old enough to stay at home and watch the other kids, but he likes to come grocery shopping with me, so we all pile in the car with list, calculator and reusable bags in hand.  Jon and Eme have their assignments, telling us what we need on the list and the other adding the prices up so we can stay within budget.  Sam gets to walk around with us asking for particular items that look good to eat or that have Spider-man on them and he usually hears his name being said in varying tones of frustration or warnings or "over this way, Sam", about 50 times throughout the store.  Warnings, not because he will be in time-out, but because he is about to run into someone's cart or a display because he is not looking where he is going.  Despite my initial frustrations on having to go to the store with all of them, it has turned out to be quite an enjoyable date time with all of them.

I have fallen in love with Pinterest, it has saved my sanity.  I love all of the ideas I can save for doing later, all the helpful hints and ideas, but I especially love all the hair tutorials.  I can do them now and they don't cost anything, just some time and patience.  Today I tried the double side buns.  It was really really really easy. It doesn't look as good as the picture on Pinterest, but at I was happy with the results.


Penny said...

That hairstyle is very pretty and suits you! Might be a little hard to see it now, but your grocery dates are going to be fodder for your children to reminisce about with each other after they've grown. My siblings and I look back wistfully at times like that my mom created with her brood when my father had to be away at work a lot. I love reading about your resourcefulness in this season of your lives!

We in Minnesota said...

Very cute young lady!!! You truly do not look like the mother of 4 children. Love you.